your life a bush or a garden?

In our devotion this morning,the bible made us understand that we should guide our mind with all diligence for out of it flows all  the issues of life.. This passage shows us the importance of guarding our heart against some things in life.
There is this story I heard as a kid that made a lot of sense to me.. It still does. It was about a professor that told a pastor that he will allow his children to make decisions for themselves(as a christian we should know that this is contrary to the word of God in prov 22:6) and that he will allow them choose religions that they deem suitable. The pastor however took him to his “garden”. This garden was not exactly what you should call a garden because it was not taken care of,the pastor didn’t weed,prune,clear nor beautify the garden. The picture was just plain sad. The pastor explained to him that,that was exactly how people who have been left to make their own decisions turn out. Because they don’t have a compass,they follow a given trend that they “deem suitable” for a while and when that trend fails(as expected) they look for another. At the end of the day it becomes just a bush,thick,ugly,stubborn and unkempt bush..
Now all am trying to get across is that if perhaps by some misadventure we happened to have parents that have not taught us the way to God(ultimately by giving our life’s to christ),or we just somehow have not heard of the one true God and has been blown around by every wind of doctrine. Its time for us to take control and sort out most of the things we’ve been taught growing up. Seriously don’t blame anyone for not teaching you(it only hardens your heart more),you just have to create yourself the second time and forgive your past failures.
Read the scriptures(The Holy bible) because it is only the word of God that can lead us in the way we should go,join a serious fellowship,read christian books as directed by the spirit of God.With this said I humbly suggest we give up trying to defend the choices we’ve made or that has been made for us in the past which is contrary to the word of God. Search the holy scriptures for yourself and ask the Holyspirit to help you,the Bible said be yee transformed by the renewal of your mind(Rom12:2).
Finally the bible said we should pull down every imagination(ideas,theories and doctrines) we already have in our heart which has exalted itself above the knowledge of God,so that’s the first step.. Forget all this strange doctrines you,ve heard and know(they are countless especially here on the internet) and approach God with a pure and sincere heart. He will reveal himself to you more for he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him,he is your Father! Have yourself a great day