Divine Diet


The bible says that the world suffer for lack of wisdom. Ignorance has indeed put a lot of people into a cage of mediocrity. Thanks be to God however for this recent age of enlightenment and the attendant increase in the standard of living, for indeed it will take a self-acclaimed fool to reject counsel/wisdom.

So I really wanted to name this write-up eating right for healing but somehow I ended up with the one above.

Most sicknesses that we suffer from believe it or not is a function of the substances we take into our bodies, this substances include the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water and all the free radicals in the atmosphere.

Do you still remember all the systems that make up the body, ok you do? So then you remember the immune system right? Allow me to remind you a little about this system, the immune system is the police/doctor of the body, this means that the body has the power to heal itself and remove unwanted substances provided that it is up and running i.e it must be healthy all the time .Here is a great illustration of the function of the immune system. Have you ever noticed how a black scab (body’s own bandage) covers your injury whenever you get one in few hours from the incident, whenever you get an injury all the cells in that part go into over drive in fixing that part back, it covers the injury from further infection immediately and even if you tear that scab off another one comes up, the point I hope I have made is that the body has a self-sufficient/sustaining system that can heal itself ones it runs on the right fuel

Ok say, you have a beautiful venza(Amen) and then you notice the fuel level indicator saying low, do you refill your car with water? Oh ok maybe water is too obvious do you pour kerosene into your car? hell no right? And even if you do (don’t try this at home) your car begins to jerk, ping and knock, safer bet is that you refill your tank with petrol and that’s the right thing to do. If you take any chemical when you fall sick I think you are doing your body the same kind of harm(even worse)like when you pour water into your car.

So what is the right fuel for the body you ask? Our body by design needs raw food/living food, by living or raw food I mean uncooked food, food for the body should contain lots and lots of fibre, the body needs food that contain fibre and the presence of fibre helps food move through the digestive tract easily without putrifying due to the body’ temperature.

Totally cut off or reduce your intake of flour(it forms a thick paste in the intestine and hinders the free flow of liquid and other body content freely amongst other things) reduce your intake of carbonated drinks(the gas causes a lot of havoc to the body) and ultimately eventhough almost impossible in this part of the world reduce your intake of cooked food and meat. So instead of ordering for pizza next time you are up at Golden toast order for salad, instead of cooked stew or cooked porridge blend yourself a nice smoothie everyday infact go on this transformatory journey your body system will thank you in kind, not only will you begin to feel lighter, you will also experience increased mental focus, feeling of heaviness immediately after eating will be gone.

Take lots of water, lots of fruits, herbs and vegetable (don’t forget to diversify for inside each fruit lies its unique content try out kiwi, beet, strawberry, graviola, cantaloupe, tomatoes).

Still not convinced about this lifestyle of raw food only? Kindly open your bible to Genesis 1;29, here our creator clearly says that every herb, tree(with their fruit) and seed shall be our food, he only allowed the consumption of meat when the world became flooded and plants and vegetation was destroyed. Who else can give sound direction on how to operate a machine save the manufacturer, since our heavenly father has said it all what else are you waiting for. Daniel in Daniel 1:12 also rejected the kings fried and cooked delicacies for pulse and indeed the bible said it all for he was found 10 times better than all the ……

Again remember the different classes of consumers, the herbivore, carnivore, omnivores and the different stomach organization of each yes? This means that every stomach type should eat whatever belongs to them, eventhough human beings classifies themselves as omnivores they are herbivores based on their intestinal arrangement, carnivores don’t cook their food,their stomach has enough stomach acid to digest the flesh they take, when we cook meat not only do they tend to putrify along the way and clog the digestive tract they also increase stomach acid which is not healthy.

In conclusion I hope I have made it clear enough that the body can heal itself once it is given enough and infact a lot of the food that it requires to do its work, once the cells are nourished appropriately all the other systems of the body will invariably function appropriately.